How to Minimize Scarring After Glueing a Wound? (photo)

Hi, my 5-year old daughter had a bad fall yesterday and the doctors advised me that the best way to close the 1cm cut on her forehead (on a large bump) was to glue it together. I am very worried as the wound doesn't look like it has been glued very well. They didn't cover it with anything, and I would like to know what the best way is to prevent scarring. Should I cover it? How long before I can use oils etc? Is there any point in trying now to go to a plastic surgeon a day after it happened?

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Scar management for a forehead laceration

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At this point, I would allow the scar to mature and then proceed with a plastic surgery intervention as needed.  Most likely, the scar will heal without significant problems, as the ER is usually very knowledgeable about acute management. 

Glued forehead laceration

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Sorry for you misfortune.

Poor choice of treatment.

Emergency room physicians like to quote no difference of the appearance of the scar whether it is repaired by a plastic surgeon, emergency room doctor or glued. Based on my experience treating thousands of scars, nothing can give you a better scar than a well performed plastic surgery repair. 

For now, do the following:


1.Apply sunscreen daily to avoid change of pigment of and around the scar.

2.. Once the scab falls off, you may try Scarguard or silicon scar patch for night time use. 

3.Do not disturb the wound now. Wait at least 6 weeks and ask a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate then.

There is a lot you can do later. Now is the worst time to interfere. 

David Evdokimow, MD
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

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