How to choose an excellent doctor to treat (my kind of) acne scars? Which questions to ask? (photo)

Hi Doctors! I wish to treat my acne scars and PIH (red/purple spots). Please see attached pictures (I have Hispanic skin, 1-month-old acne scar, I'm in my twenties and I'm 1 month off Accutane). I am still researching, and it seems that I should choose a board certified dermatologist. But what else should I think of? Which questions should I ask? I want to make a thoughtful decision and choose an expert in my type of acne scarring. I will gladly take your advice. Thanks!

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See a specialist in the field of scar revision

I agree with Dr Phillip Young, you do have scars that can be improved. The first step is an assessment. From there, your specialist will give you treatment options for YOUR type of scaring. More on how Specialists like Dr Young and others approach acne scarring in the video below. 

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Box Car Scar right next to the nose above the nasolabial folds

The box scars you have can be corrected significantly. You can get some significant improvement with just treating the superficial side. It may not completely rise up to the level of the rest of the skin. You may require something to raise it up from below. This is where you will need to treat the deeper layers. Find a doctor that can treat all these elements with a combination treatment. We have a 5-7 step process that treats all variations of scarring from acne.  It is all done in one treatment and you should get significant results with just one treatment.

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