What is my Best Option for Eliminating Acne Scars and Redness? (photo)

My acne scars are really humiliating for me. They have effected my life so much so that I very rarely leave the house. The redness is also a major concern aswell. I've had to avoid so many things in order not to trigger the redness. Makeup doesn't help at all, infact only worsens it. I have done roaccutane which has helped with active acne but of course not scarring and redness. I would love an effective method of treatment. Please help. I would appreciate your advice.

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Facial redness

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It sounds like you have Acne  Rosacea. Treatments I woul suggest at this point would be low dose doxycycline, sulfacetamide washes and lotion(less drying) and IPL Laser Treaments(Photofacial). The best thing is to find  an experienced  Dermatologist in your area that does Laser treaments for rosacea in your area. The Lasers can help the redness  and the scarring at the same time.

I personally use IPL but V Beam and Diolite lasers can also be used. These Lasers can greatly decrease your redness.

Houston Dermatologic Surgeon
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Dear patient; It appears that you have Acne Rosacea. Accutane helps with the cystic component but not with the redness caused by enlarged blood vessels. I suggest that you find a dermatologist who performs laser treatment for Rosacea (IPL, V beam or Diolite laser). Do a test spot first and proceed with the entire face treatments. Topical creams such as Sulfacet R (Sulfur cream) and Metrogel, and Azelex gel can help as well. Again; find an experienced Dermatologist in your area.

A. David Rahimi, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologist
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