What's Best Way to Remove Fine Lines Under Eyes?

Hi! I'm 16 years old and the fine lines under my eyes (I now you must think that I'm too young to think about fine lines but I can't help it), so I was looking for ways that I can get them removed and the best answer that I could find is Fraxel Laser(restore?) but I don't know if is safe enough for me to do it or if I can do it-and if I can't because I'm too young from what age can I get it done? I was also wandering if Fraxel is the best answer for my problem and if not, what is? Thanks

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Fine Line Management for Lower Eyelids

Eye Wrinkles Management
An exam would be required to offer the best advice but here are some options that help many with your same problem:
Use of fillers - such as Restylane, Juvederm or other HA fillers - especially if there is hollowing beneath your lids
Make sure you wear sunglasses when it is bright outside and use visual correction if needed - that is because squinting may be a cause of these wrinkles
Use of peels or laser - TCA peel or Fractionated lasers may also help
Use Retin A at night and moisturizers to help thicken the dermis and minimize wrinkling
Botox - not used beneath your eyes but effective for Crow's feet area

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