Lipotherme Vs. Mesotherapy: Are These Procedures the Same?

Are Lipotherme and Mesotherapy the same procedure with only different names?

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Lipotherme is a brand of laser liposuction

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Many different brands of laser lipo exist -- from Smart Lipo to Slim Lipo to LipoTherme.  These are laser technologies to help melt the fat, tighten collagen and skin, and to facilitate the removal (liposuction) of the fat via cannulae.  

Mesotherapy is a technique that is unproven, and has been met with great skepticism by the plastic surgery community.  It is purports to melt fat via injecting chemicals.

Lipotherme and Mesotherapy are NOT the same

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Mesotherapy is a non-FDA-approved injectable form of "fat melting". Mesotherapy is usually done by non-plastic surgeons (although some plastic surgeons may be doing it too). It had a great marketing push in recent years, but after the bankruptcy of several large providers of the treatment (FIG comes to mind, as do many local medspas), I think people are realizing mesotherapy providers may have promised more than they can actually deliver. Lipodissolve is a form of mesotherapy.

Lipotherme is a device that performs laser-assisted liposuction. It's a 980 nm diode laser that destroys fat cells and heats the skin as part of a surgical procedure. It's usually an outpatient office procedure, depending on the areas being treated. It is basically the same as liposuction with the addition of laser energy for a smoother result and a bit of skin tightening. It's a proven method for body contouring and is FDA-approved.

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Carmen Kavali, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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