Will Laser Treatment Help Keloids from Breast Reduction Surgery?

Should I consider Laser Surgery to remove Keloids in sensitive areas of both breasts? Breast reduction in 2006 resulting in Keloids on every area cut; under/around breasts including areola. I'm a Black female w/history of Keloids. Also few Keloids now on back from bumps I scratched. Immediately Dr tried extensive use of Kenalog injections but scars only thickened/enlarged. Kenalog caused extreme sweating and facial/back hair growth so stopped & side effects stopped. Should I try Laser Surgery to remove scars? I'm fearful of the extreme pain it may cause & if it will work.

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Treatment of keloid after surgery

The treatment of keloids is surgical removal followed by
1 - wearing of a pressure garment  & scar injections with weekly office visits for 2 to 3 months
2 - a total of 4 radiation treatments to the area starting the day after the removal & completed within 1 week of surgery
in my experience all other treatments are accompanied by a very high recurrence rate. If the keloid comes back it is much harder to treat the 2nd, 3rd time etc.
The shoulder & central chest areas are probably the most difficult to treat. There tends to be little excess skin to allow closure without tension after keloid removal. So in most cases the keloid has to be debulked followed by option 1 or 2.

How you remove the keloid is not relevant as long as you can close the edges of the skin afterwards and not leave the patient with an open wound. A laser is no better than a scalpel for the removal portion. The key is to prevent recurrence by employing option 1 or 2 after surgery.

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