Laser For Stretch Marks?

I kindly would like advice on laser for stretchmarks and how effective it is on DARK SKIN(am african). I plan to try but am not sure weather it will help, yet its a bit expensive. my stretchmarks are about 8yrs now because i had them since i was sixteen. Because this is a generic thing i can see them start to appear in other parts of my body like the thighs. what preventative measures should i take to prevent this. Any advice will be greatly appreciated?. Thanks.

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Building evidence suggests lasers can be beneficial for stretch marks

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Stretch marks are an extremely common condition for which we don't have a magic cure for unfortunately. There is some mounting evidence that lasers can be beneficial in improving the appearance of stretch marks. There are a few different approaches one can take which include targeting the red appearance of them or by inducing remodeling by treating a portion of the stretch mark with a fractionated laser. I would recommend you consider seeing a board certified dermatologist who has expertise in lasers and also knows how to use these lasers in ethnic skin. Darker skin types like you and I run the risk of greater side effects so it is important the person operating the laser understands the way the laser works. 

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