How Often Can Ketoconazole Pills Be Taken Before Needing to Be Concerned with Liver Problems?

I have Tinea Versicolor and my dermatologist prescribes Ketoconazole pills for it. She has stated that it can be harsh on the liver when used too often. My question is how often is too often? It seems I have to take this 1-2 x per year, is that too much? Each time is only a total of 2 pills taken 2 weeks apart.

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Would avoid Ketoconazole

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The FDA announced July 26, that Oral Ketoconazole should never be used as a first-line therapy for any type of fungal infection due to the relatively high risk of liver toxicity and drug interactions. The new warning added adrenal insufficiency to the list of warnings. 

  The FDA advised that Ketoconazole should only be used in life-threatening fungal infections in patients intolerant to other anti-fungals.

While Tinea Versicolor may be cosmetically disfiguring, it certainly is not life-threatnening. 

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