Kenalog Strength and Frequency?

I have had a scar injected countless times with kenlog 2.5 with minimal success over 5-6months . I do not have ANY atrophy. The scar is still thick although somewhat smaller. I am convinced I need to try a higher level of kenalog at this point. Is there any reason why I can't have kenalog 10 injected into my facial scar? Also, have any of you ever had kenolog fail at diminishing scar tissue, no matter what the strength? Am I just not getting a strong enough dose? Or does it not work sometimes?

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Kenalog strength and frequency

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Each physician may have a different preference for the strength and frequency of Kenalog treatment to help reduce scars.  My personal preference is to use Kenalog 40, although I dilute it to a strength of Kenalog 20.  I prefer to wait at least a month in between injections.  As long as there is improvement, I will continue with the injections until reaching a satisfactory point.  And yes, it is possible that Kenalog may not work on all scars.   

San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Kenalog strength for scars

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If you are receiving only Kenalog 2.5 mg/cc, the strength is so low you will never get results in flattening a scar.  In general I use Kenalog 40 for hypertrophic scars and early keloidal scars along with lasers to reduce the vascular component.  Once a scar begins to soften we often will switch to Kenalog 10 in order to avoid possible atrophy to the skin.

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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