Apple Cider Vinegar on Keloids Led to Chemical Burn?

I've been to a holistic doctor who told me to put a cotton swab of apple cider vinegar on my keloids (jawline) overnight until they flattened. After waking up from the 2nd time of doing this, my skin was burned and there is now a very dark brown mark on top of my keloid. I've since been cleaning the area with peroxide,used neosporin with a bandage/compression. Are these brown marks scabs or chemical burns? Will the dark brown mark go away on its own? What can I do to make sure it does go away?

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Keloid treatment

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That is not how keloids should be treated. They have to be subtotally or totally excised and then measures taken to stop them from coming back. There currently is no other treatment. The measures employed to prevent recurrence are some combination of application of pressure to the area, radiation, scar injections and medicated tape.

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Lasers, IIT, kenalog injections, and surgery for keloid scars followed with Melaquin cream

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You will still need to follow a more regimented program for your keloids, including IIT, pressure treatment, and lasers. As for the pigmentation, I would begin with topical Melaquin cream twice daily to your scar. 

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