Keloid Scars Appearing After Rash

I am in my mid-thirties now and have had keloid scars on my upper back since i was about twenty.The scarring starts off with a rash first appearing,which slowly starts to thicken.They seem to crop up every now and then,increasing in number.They are very itchy and can be painful when first developing.Is there anything i can do to treat and stop these scars from appearing, and is it advisable to consider breast surgery to boot?

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Keloids on the back

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You should see a well-regarded dermatologist to determine if this is acne which then forms hypertrophic scars of keloids. Treatment may minimize the acne which will decrease the chance of developing new keloids. If it is some other rash that occurs and develops into these scars, the dermatologist will want to see the rash when it starts before it is scrached or rubbed by you.

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