Should I Ask for a Higher Dosage of Injection for Keloid Treatment?

I started Keloid treatment a couple months ago with injections and i have noticed the ones on my chest and back have flattened a lot which is good, but the ones on my face have not presented any changes that i can feel or see.I was told by my Doc that a higher dose is used on the body and a diff. one on the face so it doesn't cave in, should i asked for the same dosage on the face? is this true about it caving in? thank you. by the way i'm not sure what she uses, Kenalog maybe? on the chest .2mg

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Keloids are scars that have actually grown into normal tissue surrounding the scar. Many hypertrophic scars are referred to as keloids but they're really not. Whether it is a keloid or hypertrophic scar however steroid injections have proven beneficial. Kenalog is the most common form of this and comes into strengths namely 10 and 40 mg per cc. By adding 5FU – which is also five fluorouracil – a significant improvement in the treatment of the scar can be seen. This is been demonstrated in multiple studies and this combination can work when Kenalog by itself does not.

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