Is La Mer Worth the Money?

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In Two Words No Way

La Mer is an up scale Estee Lauder line.

The story here is that a NASA aerospace physicist named Max Huber suffered severe burns. In order to heal himself he spent something like 12 years devising a concoction that would restore his skin back to normal.As his magical broth of ingredients was running out, a research chemist was able to rescue it, and it ended up in the lap of the Estee Lauder people who, for the good of mankind, broght it to market.

It contains a number of ingredients which can give a good feeling on the skin such as glycerin, wax-like esters, vasoline, and some nice anitoxidants such as Vits C and E, wheat germ, sunflower seed oil and others. What makes it unique is that it uses so-called declustered water and a special seaweed, which is harvested from the waters off Northern California only twice a year.

There are a couple of areas of false reasoning here. First, there is a difference between anti-aging molecules and agents which heal wounds. While there are growth factors which are common to both processes, research in this area is still in a developmental phase rather than a scientifically accepted phase.

Also, water claims are very common in among companies. De-natured water, De-ionized water, calling water aqua or eau something or other is common. The fact is water is water and all companies use distilled or purified water. There is no evidence that specially treated water works any better than regular distilled water. If water was THAT good for the skin, we would be taking twenty baths a day.

To answer your question more directly, $110 for an ounce of Creme De La Mer is extravagent and not worth the price. Most of the ingredients are the same as you would find in a standard moisturizer such as Oil of Olay or Nivea. Until I see a good paired comparison between Creme de La Mer and another moisturizer, I remain skeptical. Yes, it feels a bit nicer on the skin ( I sampled it), I just don't believe it is worth the gasping price difference.

I wish I could be less negative. (After all, I have a neice that works for the company.) But I can't. (It's not a double negative if the negatives are in two sentances, is it not).

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