Can Invisalign Help Sleep Apnea?

I recently started invisalign treatment. I have mild/moderate sleep apnea and due to extensive travel the CPAP was not a good option. My dentist recommended invisalign and indicated I have a narrow palate and overbite which invisalign will correct and thereby improve apnea. My dentist said there are sleep apnea appliances but recommended the invsalign to correct underlying problem and apnea device after invisalign treatment complete. Is this a reasonable approach? I am to wear 54 weeks.

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Invisalign and sleep apnea

Invisalign aligns teeth and does nothing to jaw alignment. If you have a narrow and probably small jaw, you should see a jaw surgeon to correct your skeleton. You would need Invisalign or braces to align the teeth to make them prepared for jaw surgery 

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Invisalign and sleep apnea.

Snoring and sleep apnea are part of a spectrum of syndromes called sleep disordered breathing. This syndrome is comprised of snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). OSA is a syndrome not a disease and the specific etiology is unknown. However, it is largely secondary to anatomic upper airway narrowing during sleep and a yet unidentified central nervous system (CNS) component. Invisalign has not been found to help sleep apnea. 

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MD Referral

You should have your physician refer you to a physician who specializes in sleep apnea and related conditions. They will conduct a thorough exam that may include a sleep study.

Dental products can be prescribed by the physician and fabricated and fitted by a dentist in certain cases but ultimately the physican needs to do the anaysis. 

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Sleep apnea is a "fairly new thing" in dentistry.  There is a lot of disagreement on how to treat it and how effective some of the treatments are.  Arch expansion such as in your case is discussed by some lecturers, devices to advance the lower jaw are fairly popular although they may move your teeth over a period of time,  and surgical procedures are sometimes used.  Unfortunately we don't have a lot of solid published evidence for which ones are most effective, what type problem each treatment works best for, and what type side effects may be expected as a result of the different treatment methods.

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Invisalign CANNOT Help Sleep Apnea

If you were already tested, and definitely have sleep apnea, you should deal with that problem FIRST. It can be very serious and life threatening.

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Will Invisalign help sleep apnea

Short and neither will regular braces...Only surgery or some

 type of appliance to hold your lower jaw forward at night can effect your airway

Narrow upper arches or pulling in flared upper teeth have no effect on Apnea

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Can Invisalign Help Sleep Apnea? Probably not but the DNA Appliance May Cure Your Apnea!

Invisalign will not improve your sleep apnea.

A far better choice would be Epigenetic Orthodontics with the RNA version of the DNA Appliance.  It is designed to treat sleep apnea and to simultaneous grow the arches orthopedicaly and grow the airway pneumopedically.

There are currently case studies showing cures for sleep apnea but no large prospective studies yet.

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Can Invisalign her sleep apnea

Since you have been diagnosed and tried a Cpap  then you can look to dentists for other options. This is a medical condition that must have a medical diagnosis by an MD .
orthodontic treatment to create more room accommodate the tongue can have a positive effect on sleep apnea. Arch expansion is one of these techniques to create more room but you would do better to have expansion of the bones and teeth , this is better done with orthopedic appliances .
mandibular advancement and bite opening would also have positive effects to correct over bite and over jet these to are served will with orthopedic appliances. Bringing the jaw forward and down will create more room for the tongue and improve the sleep apnea .
It may improve the sleep apnea but follow up sleep studies should be to done to determine level of apnea that remains and what further treatment that is required.
The question is still will Invisalign help.  I think it will have a positive affect but orthopedic appliances will have a more positive effect.

Hope this helps

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