I'm 18 yrs old. What treatment would you recommend for my acne scars?

my age is 18 i has the problem of blackheads whiteheads n several red markeds pimples on my because of all this unfortunately a lot damage has occur on face it's all started at the age of 14 now i don't know whats the best next step i can take to reduce the effect of all this scars and acne whatever you can call this

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Adolescent Acne

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Teenage acne can get very severe in a short time and can leave a lot of upsetting skin damage in its wake.  Priority number ONE is put out the fire!  Get proper treatment from a qualified professional and stick to the program that is outlined for your particular situation.  Once this is under some stable level of control appropriate treatment for the scarring can be started.  Don't pick at your pimples!  Most of the time it doesn't make it any better and just leading to more scarring in the future.  Good luck finding better skin.

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Acne scar treatments in Los Angeles

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Our office specializes in acne scar treatments and we use a combination approach that may include sublative ematrix, ablative lasers, non ablative lasers, fractional lasers, chemical peels, and topical creams. 

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Don't sit through it!

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There are very effective treatments for both acne and acne scarring.  For acne, depending on the type and severity, medications such as antibiotics, hormonal pills, and retinoid creams and tablets can, for many, actually cure their acne.  This will prevent ongoing damage and scarring.  For existing scarring, options are numerous based on both scar and skin type.  We use lasers, radio frequency devices, peels and TCA CROSS, surgical procedures and dermal fillers in this scenario.  I would suggest you find a dermatologist experienced in acne and scar treatments and they can guide you through this.  All the best.

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