Indention Normal? Dermabrasion to Help Revise a Facial Scar Revision. (photo)

My doctor wants to do dermabrasion to help revise a scar revision he did on my face. He cut out a bunch of acne scarring and closed the skin. 1) 7-weeks post op I have a long red line that's indented. Is that normal? 2)Will the indented line remain permanently? 3) If so, which is the best course of action to help flatten, get rid of redness, and blend in. He doesn't want me putting anything on it. And, said he doesn't believe in lasers and maybe wants to do dermabrsion. Thoughts and thanks!

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Fixing a depressed scar on the face with subcision and fractional CO2

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I would first listen to your plastic surgeon's advice. If the results are not improved, I would consider subcision and surgical scar revision.  Fractional CO2 may also work well for the scar. 

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Indention Normal? Dermabrasion to Help Revise a Facial Scar Revision.

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Thanks for the questions and posted photos. I recommend laser therapy to the scar area immediately. Later possible PRP injections or fillers to help with the skin healing. New idea is Cyrotherapy under the scar. 

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