Indented Area After Spot/cyst? (photo)

A few weeks back I had a hudge spot on my forehead which I believe was a cystic lump. I woke up one morning and It had somehow drained and its left a very large indented area. I have looked at various pictures and I can confirm its not a box scar or rolling scar... The depression is actually under the skin around the size of a 1p coin. It's like the tissue underneath is missing. Can anybody help? This is really causing me to become depressed and I'm having serious confidence issues.

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Indentation on Forehead after Cyst

Because it's only been a few weeks since your cyst healed, it's too early to tell how permanent this indentation will be. It could absolutely be temporary as your collagen beneath the surface remodels and rebuilds. If, in a few months, you still have the spot, you can consider a laser treatment (like Fraxel re:store) or even a small amount of injectable to conceal the spot.


Best of luck. 

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