I Dont Know What Course of Action is Best for a 24 Year Old to Remove Wrinkles Around Eyes and Mouth?

Im 24 years old and have wrinkle lines under my eyes and by my mouth. Ive lost 40 pounds since high school and feel as though my face is gaunt and My self esteem is very low. Im tried all the and you can think.of, I eat healthy and exercise and I know im to young for a face lift and my face isn't that bad yet but I really need something done but don't know what

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Mouth Wrinkles

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I think allowing a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who focuses on laser rejuvenation and volume enhancement would be appropriate.  Botox can easily relax lines that are caused with movement. If a face has lost a lot of volume, one can use something like Sculptra, a biostimulator, to promote the growth of your own collagen and volumize the entire face, instead of just focal areas.  Certain lasers can help stimulate new collagen production superficially and help with fine lines and crepiness.

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Wrinkles Around the Eyes and Mouth of a 24 Year-Old Woman

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My number one recommendation for wrinkle removal is the SmartSkin micro-ablative CO2 laser. The down time and risk is limited, and the effectiveness is excellent.

The quest for wrinkle removal is millenia old, and current medical treatments include creams with retin-A, anti-oxidants like vitamin C, growth factor creams, micro-dermabrasion and chemical peels, all of which we use in our skin-care practice.

But when it comes to actually removing wrinkles, laser treatment is unsurpassed in my opinion. The key is doing it with minimal down-time and risk of post treatment problems like pigmenation changes.

The micro-ablative CO2 laser puts columns of energy into the skin, with islands of normal skin between them. This results in rapid healing with the time of recovery essentially determined by how much energy there is in each pulse, how long it stays on, and how close together the pulses are.

For fine skin under the eyes, a patient can have a low energy, single-pass treatment, with return to work in 3-4 days, or for heavier lip lines and wrinkles most commonly seen in women later in life, a treatment with higher energy and two passes, and return to work in 4-7 days. 

In other words, the treatment is tailored to the anatomical location, the severity of the problem, and the patient's schedule.  Lighter treatments will always require multiple treatments separated by a month or so.

Robert M. Lowen, MD
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24 with wrinkles around eyes and mouth

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Pictures would be helpful to give you more directed advice, but in general, Botox can sometimes help with wrinkles around the eyes and fillers can sometimes help with wrinkles around the mouth.  If your face is gaunt, then it's also possible that fillers could be used to give your face more volume, which could also help with the wrinkles.    

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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