I Developed an Overbite and Got TMJ?

I have old bridges 2 top 2 bottom I was diagnosed with TMJ 3 months using guards 24/7 pain now tolerable on left side.The orthodoncist wants to correct crossbite with braces and elastic (no expander or my TMJ problem may get worst) he will cut all my bridges to place the braces for implants later. Is this a good time for braces or should I wear the guards longer?still click, & should I remove all my bridges & place crowns first or should I cut the bridges & place crowns afterwards?. thank you

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TMJ is the foundation for a correct bite

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Proper functioning of the TMJ is the foundation for a healthy bite.  The TMJ should be evaluated with appropriate x-rays and a plan for restoring proper TMJ function BEFORE orthodontics corrects the bite. This correction of the TMJ phase should last 6 months or longer to have time to solidify the TMJ in the new healthy position.   Otherwise doing orthodontics without  stable healthy TMJs will only lead to re-occuring TMJ problems in the future.  Beware of any plan that does not correct the TMJ problem before doing other treatment.

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