I Have a Bad TMJ After my Invisalign Treatment?

I had invisalign treatment for 3.5 years. First 1 year i had pain on my right jaw , then it went away. Last June when i started wearing my retainer , i 've been experiencing constant pain when eating, biting, yawning. I can't eat burgers or anything in large portions, it gives ma pain on my neck and head. Please let me know who treats TMJ ???

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I would recommend seeing a Neuromuscular dentist. They will be able to do a work up on you and give you different options for possible treatment!

New York Orthodontist

Who Treats TMJ?

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The only professional who can competently treat true TMJ Dysfunction is a dentist who has dedicated themselves to learning about this complex disorder. The reason only a dentist can treat TMJ Dysfunction is because both the disease and the resolution of the disease involves tooth position--something that can only be addressed by a competent dentist. 

In your specific case, if you had no symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction BEFORE Invisalign treatment then the solution to your current problem is probably a simple bite adjustment or change in the type of retainers you are using. If you had symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction before Invisalign treatment then the treatment to resolve your symptoms are more than likely more complex. Common symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction include: frequent headaches, facial pain, jaw joint pain, limited mouth opening, neck and back pain, hip and lower leg pain, ringing or buzzing in the ears, ear or sinus "fullness," tenderness around the eyes, dizziness, clicking or popping in the joint, inability to focus or concentrate, depression, etc. A TMJ Dysfunction patient may have any or all of these symptoms.

Hope this helps. Good luck!


Bad TMJ after Invisalign

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Unfortunately, my experience has shown that one of the initiating factors of TMJ is orthodontic tooth movement. You want to see a Dentist that does a lot of TMJ treatment. There is no specific specialty in dentistry for TMJ, but you want to find someone with experience. It can be very challenging. Do a google search in your area for "dentist, tmj".

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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