Hypopigmentation After Laser Burns?

I had laser 10 days ago and i was burned and had semi circle burns which turned brown and now the majority has peeled away. But the areas which has peeled away has now left me with different coloured skin compared to the rest of the area. Its a lot whiter.

Will this be permanent? Can I use any creams to help? I have been using vitamin E oil. I'm going away in 2.5 weeks and do you think some sun exposure will help to balance the 2 skin colours out or will it make it worse?

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Common problems with laser peels

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Skin color variations are common after laser peels, and your provider should have notified you of that. Depending on the depth of peeling, this can range from minimal permanent changes to severe hypopigmentation. Talk to your provider about how you are healing.

Regarding sun exposure, I recommend my patients avoid sun exposure until the skin color has faded completely. If you get too much sun while the skin is pink and still healing, you may get severe color variations in your skin. Avoid sun exposure at all costs.

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