Hydroquinone for Acne Scars?

Does Hydroquinone help clear face or just prevent any damage?

I have redness and dark purplish-like spots left from acne and I'm still just a teenager. I tried Fraxel Laser and it did nothing. I've been hearing about Hydroquinone, a friend of mine whose face was just about as bad as mine says it works great if you give it a few months.

However, I also heard that it is only for preventing any damage and not for treating it, and online I have heard both.

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Helpful for Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

If these spots are from prior acne lesions. If they are flat. If our skin is a Type IV-VII. Then, most likely this is post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation and would respond modestly to Hydroquinone.

When I am faced with this therapeutic problem, I usually add Retin A (or another retinoid) to the hydroquinone ( Tri-Luma does this along with a steroid cream). I then prescribe Finacea gel to use in the morning. Unlike hydroquinone, finacea (azalaic acid) is much less likely to depigment normal skin.
It is true. Hydroquinone does work slowly.

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