how to reduce my weight

Hello everyone myself sai,i am just 18 years old my problem is my weight it's 100,i am 6 feet and 1 inch can someone say how to reduce my weight quickly???

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Weight loss

take an excel sheet and create columns one for each day of the month and create rows for following-- break fast, lunch, dinner, snacks, sleep, work out, sugary drinks . at end of the month sit down and review what all you ate and drink on daily basis. most of the time you will find some thing that is un healthy that is leading to weight gain.
Mean while continue to follow some life style changes-- avoid candy, sugary drinks, lattes, and work out regularly and drink a lot of water. try to include some activity in to your life style-- ex walking more, taking stairs, standing and walking every few minutes during prolonged sitting periods etc.

if above is still not working, then you probably have some metabolic abnormality in which case you need to see a weight loss specialist. follow the link below and find some one near by. Lot of non weight loss doctors anse=wer questions about weight loss or have " weight loss programs" make sure you go to ABOM board certified physician , not a dermatologist or plastic surgeon etc.

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