How Much Does Stretch Mark Removal Cost?

How much does stretch mark removal cost? Is stretch mark removal laser surgery more expensive than other methods?

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Stretch mark removal

Lasers may be able to improve the appearance of stretch marks. If sufficient loose skin exists, a body contouring procedure may be a better alternative.

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Cost of Stretch Mark Treatment

Palomar's fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing laser minimizes the appearance of stretch marks with no downtime. The Lux1540 laser handpiece improves the unsightly color and skin texture associated with stretch marks, leaving clients with smoother, better-looking skin. A single treatment session typically costs $500 – $1,000, and at least three treatments are usually required.

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No Really Effective Treatment for Stretch Marks

I agree with the advice given by Dr. Rand. While something like Fraxel or IPL might lead to a minor degree of improvement, such treatment is not worth the money. Even less so the creams you might see being plugged on the internet. Aside from cutting them out, if you have an excuse to do so via a tummy tuck, there is no good modality in the near future.

In the moderately distant future a technology such as being developed by the Isolagen Company might be promising. In that technique, a small 3 mm piece of skin is removed from the patient, the fibroblasts are harvested and grown and then injected back into the patient. Since fibroblasts grow collagen and elastin, the substances that are ruptured in the formation of striae (stretch marks), it is perfectly conceivable that these cells can regrow the tissue that was ruptured. Just speculating.

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Stretch mark removal price may be a tummy tuck

The only time stretch marks can be removed is when they are located within the boundries of skin that can be removed. The most common place for this is in a tummy tuck. Other than excision, there is no way to get rid of stretch marks.

You can lighten them with IPL lasers but they are not removed. So save your money and don't waste it in this tough economy on treatments for stretch marks that don't work.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Can stretch marks be removed?

Unfortunately, there is no treatment that will completely erase stretch marks. They represent tears in the deep layer of the skin, and there is currently nothing that can help the body repair those tears. Some people are genetically prone to develop stretch marks, but major weight gain or loss (especially if it's rapid) contribute as well.

Lasers can reduce redness and improve the skin texture overall, making the appearance of stretch marks less obvious. But costs are between $1500 and $5000 per area of the body, and most stretch marks fade on their own over time anyway. Creams may make the same claims, but there is no scientific evidence that they do anything significant to prevent or to treat stretch marks.

Body contouring surgery, for example a tummy tuck, will remove stretch marks that are close enough to the incision to be cut away, but it's not a good solution unless you have enough skin to warrant surgery independent of stretch marks.

Dana Goldberg, MD
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