How Does TriActive Work?

How does TriActive work? How does it compare to other cellulite treatments like VelaShape and Accent XL?

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All of these devices utilize low energy lasers or radiofrequency to treat cellulite

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The Triactive employs 3 comfortable and effective, simultaneous modalites, suction massage, photomodulating six "Cold 810nm Diode Lasers" and contact cooling. The TriActive facilitates the development of a more contoured, healthier-looking physique by smoothing, undimpling and toning the skin anywhere on the body. With regular maintenance treatments, you can attain firmer, smoother skin and a smoothing of dimpling and most often a decrease in girth over time with a series of treatments.

Cellulite is a condition that often may reoccur so we recommend occasional follow up treatments to maintain your results. The results can me moderate to excellent and can last for many months or years with the appropriate maintenance treatments. The number and frequency of follow up treatments required can only be determined after your series of treatments are completed, as everyone is different and individuals' conditions vary in complexity & severity. The treatments are "non-thermal laser," which means they cannot hurt you and actually feel great -- like a Lymphatic Drainage message.

We feel that this is the best non-invasive technology to improve the appearance of this often stressful condition. We can keep your cellulite "in check" with the latest "Low Level Laser Technology." TriActive is an innovative and painless treatment safe and suitable for all body and skin types.

Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon
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TriActive Cellulite Treatment

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All three of these treatments utilize low-energy lasers to address cellulite. TriActive is an FDA-cleared system that uses of six low-energy diode lasers and rhythmic suction massage technology to penetrate skin layers, promote collagen production, and improve microcirculation. The TriActive addresses both cellulite’s appearance and sagging skin by improving the skin’s elasticity and smoothing out its structure, leaving behind a smoother-looking skin. Please understand that there is no CURE for cellulite. All of these treatments only temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite. There are newer treatments under development that are not yet FDA=approved which may permanently CURE cellulite. Your dermatologic surgeon is best able to advise you on the most appropriate treatment for you.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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