Laser Hair Removal to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair?

is laser hair removal the way i can remove them and razor bumps?

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"Laser Hair Removal for Ingrown Hairs is a Great Solution!"

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Ingrown hairs are frustrating, especially if you have coarse, dense hair!  Fortunately, laser hair removal offers a fantastic solution!  The darker and more coarse the hair, the better the results if done in capable hands.  Once the stubborn, unwanted hair is removed through a comprehensive treatment course, the ingrown hair issue is greatly minimized if not resolved permanently!!

Ingrown hairs in people of color are particularly frustrating, as they often cause inflammation and excess pigmentation.  This is not appealing cosmetically, especially if it occurs on the face.  I find laser hair removal to help with pigment issue as well.  Sometimes bleaching solutions and exfoliators are necessary adjuncts to laser hair removal, used under professional guidance, of course!

Windell Davis Boutte, MD, Medical Director, Premiere Dermatology and Surgery, Lilburn, GA

Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon
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Laser hair removal is great for ingrown hairs

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Ingrown hairs are caused by hair shafts that do not "grow out" of the skin properly and become buried within the skin itself. This can cause irritation, bumps, infections or cysts. Since the laser destroys the hair follicle, the source of the ingrown hair, it is the ideal way to eliminate these problematic hair shafts, often permanently.

In my clinic in Montreal laser hair removal is often used to treat patients with chronic ingrown hairs and their associated problems, usually with excellent results. it is advisable to treat the ingrown hairs before they become infected or cystic as the laser cannot be used over an infected zone and will not penetrate a cyst.

Arie Benchetrit, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Ingrown hair removal

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Ingrown hairs are caused by a combination of factors, including excessively dry skin, stiff, coarse curly hairs, and improper shaving technique.

During shaving, as the razor is pulled across the skin, it causes the hair to be pulled. When the stiff, coarse hair is released from under the razor, it recoils and curls inward; the presence of excess dead dry skin cells worsens the problem by blocking the hair, causing inflammation.

Keeping skin moisturized and exfoliated is important, as well as making sure that hair is softened before shaving. Shave in the same direction as hair growth rather than against hair growth. Using a razor with fewer blades (no more than a double-edge razor) is advisable.

Jeannette Graf, MD
Manhattan Dermatologist

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What To Do For Ingrown Hairs

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Avoid shaving the areas which can irritate the surrounding skin and introduce bacteria into the follicles, thereby worsening the condition. Do not scrub, but instead, gently clean the skin with an antibacterial soap. Trim the hairs at their bases with scissors. Avoid plucking or squeezing. Laser-assisted hair removal is recommended for severe or extensive cases.

Tina S. Alster, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon
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