How Do I Find the Best Plastic Surgeon?

I just moved to a new city and don't know anyone who can give me a referral for a great plastic surgeon. Any ideas how I can find the best plastic surgeon on my own?

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My 15 favorite cosmetic surgery secrets

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Secret #1. Many statisfied cosmetic surgery patients “don’t talk.” Some of your relations and friends have had something done, but they won’t necessarily tell you.

Secret #2. Doctors are flooding into cosmetic surgery. Many lack proper training. Some are incompetent.

Secret #3. Selecting a cosmetic surgeon can be a walk through a minefield. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Secret #4. The doctor you want is called a super-specialist—he practices cosmetic surgery exclusively.

Secret #5. Many consultations focus on selling, not teaching. When is a “free” consultation too expensive?

Secret #6. A surgeon’s “before” and “after” album is filled with clues. You should
see lots of photos—and they must be “photographically honest.”

Secret #7. A consultation without computer imaging has limited value. You need to
see, on a computer screen, what you will look like “after.”

Secret #8. Fees are negotiable. Know the ropes.

Secret #9. The facility in which you have your procedure done can be as important as
who is doing it!

Secret #10. Combining a trip to an exotic location with cosmetic surgery may be a less-than-perfect mix.

Secret #11. Know the difference between an anesthesiologist and an anesthetist. Only one is a medical doctor.

Secret #12. High fees don’t necessarily mean better results. Low fees are not always a bargain.

Secret #13. Your chances of post-surgical complications can be reduced by understanding your doctor’s philosophy on “aftercare.”

Secret #14. Aspirin, herbs, even vitamins can influence your risk during surgery. Be sure to know what to avoid.

Secret #15. There is a responsible answer or solution for every concern, worry and reservation.

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How to find the best plastic surgeon

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watch the attached video and the handiut o the kinh=k below. Share this with medical profssionals. Chages are, youwill be on the right tracj=k. Best of luck

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How To Find the Best Plastic Surgeon

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How do I pick the best Plastic Surgeon ? Here is my advice:

• Verify Board Certification by American Board of Plastic Surgery (do this online)
• Member of American Society of Plastic Surgery (requirements beyond Board Certification)
• Member of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (indicates extensive experience in aesthetic surgery - see below link)
• Look at online review sites - like RealSelf, Health Grades,RateMDs, Google, etc
• Look at Before and After photos
• What is my instinct or "gut reaction" as to who I relate to better, answers my questions more fully and who I basically trust the most.
• Finally ask yourself - if I was to have a complication, who would be the best to take care of me.

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