Hormonal Acne After Miscarriage - Best Treatment?

ever since having a miscarriage i have started to break out only on my cheeks, chin, beck areas. i believe this is hormonal. i have seen dermatologists, and all they want to do is give me antibiotics and topicals, without even doing any tests. doesn't a patient need to have blood work, etc done in order to know why they are breaking out? also, since i've tried orals and topicals, nothing works, what is the best treatment that will help me?

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Get lab tests

I am so sorry about the miscarriage. Not only are the hormones out of whack, but the stress you must feel is likely a factor as well. I would suggest topical retinoids, perhaps Theraplex peels, ilolaz, or and hormonal manipulation (if no soon pregnancy is planned) are all options. I would also check your free testosterone and DHEAS levels.

Good luck.

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