Hook-shaped Sunken Scar with Dog Ears After Revision - How to Proceed? (photo)

I had a scar revision 8 mon ago (old burn scar just below crock of arm, <0.4 inch, triangular shaped, flat). Revision was performed by a dermatologist, unfortunately! I ended up with a hook-like scar with dog ears. The area is sunken and much more noticeable than before. I am really desperate and angry about myself as I did not consult a PS before. Dog ear revision may be an option. What about re-revison to get a more pleasing shaped scar, dermabrasio and/or a filler? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Scar remodeling

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Sorry to hear about your situation. Scar remodeling is something that takes times.  I would not recommend dermabrasion or fillers based on the scenario and photos you describe. I also don't think surgery might have been the best way to address the scar, regardless if whether a dermatologist or plastic surgeon did it. Sometimes these "dog ears" slowly work themselves out so you might want to give it more time. Another option might be to consider laser resurfacing with someone who has advanced training in them (not a weekend course but a fellowship).

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