Skin Broke Out 2 Years Ago, I'm 41 Now, What Could Cause This?

hi imi 41yrs old and i had a sudden extreme breakout in oct 2010 and was on medicztion which cleared my skin.. now all of sudden ye again another sudden breakout 2012, im not sure whehte its a hormonal imbalance or what..seems a few days prior to my cycle the breakouts lost.. i used to be on birth control a while ago but no longer take wondering whether i should restart

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Break Outs at Age 41

You may have adult acne or another condition called Rosacea.  It would be best to see your dermatologist for an evaluation.  Also, if birth control pills have helped you in the past, this is something you should discuss with your dermatologist and gynecologist as they may benefit you again now.

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