I found one blister near my clit, it is small and white. Is this herpes? (Photo)

I found one blister near my clit, it is small and white. It is quite painful and it is starting to look like a ulcer, it also has ragged edges. It doesn't hurt when I go for a pee it only hurts when it has been touched and I don't have any other symptoms such as flu ect. As it is not located near the entrance or the Anus maybe it isn't nothing to worry about? But I did have the same symptoms around a year ago and the sore lasted around 2 weeks. Can you please idenitfy what it is?

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Is This Herpes

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It looks like a herpetic infection but could also be a reactive ulcer or something we call an apthous ulcer which is reactive and due to trauma, heat, or stress.  Typically it affects the mouth, but there are other reactive ulcers that can affect the genital region.  You should see a dermatologist immediately when you have the signs and symptoms you are describing because the only way to diagnose this properly is by skin biopsy and/or viral culture.  Blood tests are not reliable.  Also, you should refrain from any sexual contact or additional trauma to the area when you have an out break.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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