How to Dissolve Hematomas

Turns out that the swelling is due to multiple hematomas. Surgery was 2 weeks ago. Any ideas on how to help with the pain and swelling from the hematomas? Ways to get my body to absorb them faster etc?

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Treatment of hematomas after surgery

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Without knowing what surgery you had, where these hematomas are or how big they are it is impossible to say what should be done to/for them. In general small flat hematomas go away on their on. Small protruding hematomas are liquified by the body within 7 to 10 days and can be removed with a needle and syringe at that time. Larger hematomas and acutely expanding hematomas after surgery need to be surgically removed. The acutely expanded ones need urgent or emergent surgery.

Smaller ones will be more rapidly absorbed with the application of warm compresses or placing the affected body part in a warm whirlpool. The herbal medication bromalein may also be of some help in these cases.

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