Help Reducing the Scar of my Daughter's Forehead? (photo)

my doughter (7 years old) hit her forehead in swim pool There was a cut about 2 cm. stitches were off after 1 week Doctor just recommended to put terramycine after he took of stitches.After stitches out and wound fell on the scar it seems gap got wider. As if doctor didnt put any stitches.The gap is wider then photo I started to put paper tape for make closer the edges of scar,Is it to late after 5 weeks. Does paper tape work for reducing the scar? How often should I change the tape. Thanks.

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Improving a forehead scar with laser and scar revision surgery

Forehead scars are notorious for being conspicuous.  I would recommend a combination of scar revision and fractional laser resurfacing to improve this forehead scar. 

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