I Have A Bump Growing On My Toe, What's The Cause? (photo)

My foot has had a ring worm type issue going on for over a year now, and its getting worse, thow there is more and looks like a bump / my bone grew on my pinky toe, i have no insurance, just curious if its a sign on athletes foot or what i dont know i do sweat a lot which is another thing i cant stand and cant figure out. but i try to not wear socks and shoes if possible, flip flops or sandals for me. even in winter!

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Bump on toes

I always tell myself that I will not do this on line but here ?I go as I would like to do my best to help you. This is just a photo so one can not be sure and if you have treated this the picture might have changed but this does not look like ringworm, it looks like granuloma annulare.  This can be treated with topical steroids and usually resolves. 

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Looks like granuloma annulare

looks like granuloma annulare... would advise you to see a board certified dermatologist to confirm and discuss treatment options

Connor Patterson, MD
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