Help - Deep Under Eye Wrinkles (Retin-A Related?) (photo)

Over the past year or so I've developed really deep under-eye wrinkles (I'm only 29). My eyes also itch a lot, and I get dry flaky skin sometimes. I've been on high strength retin-A for the past year, I put it on my eyes for a while (as recommended by my dermatologist) but stopped when the wrinkles got worse. Its been several months that I've stopped applying it under my eyes now, but they still itch and the wrinkles remain. I moisturise a lot but its not helping :( Thanks.

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Under Eye Treatments and Retin A

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It sounds as if you may have more than one issue going on.  You may have some eyelid eczema since your eyelids are itchy even after stopping Retin A for several months, and you may also be having an irritant dermatitis to the Retin A itself.  Some low potency cortisone ointment may help with this issue, but please see your dermatologist for a complete evaluation and treatment plan.

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