Has Anyone Heard of the New Cell Treatment for Acne Scars Called Laviv?

I had a friend do it for some clinical trials and now the product/therapy is approved, I was wondering if anyone has had it done yet. I guess they take a sample of skin cells, grow them in a laboratory then re-injection them into the areas where you have scars. My friend told it worked really well for him, but I am not sure where to have it done. I think the companies name is Fibrocell but not sure of any doctors that are offering it yet in NOrthern California.

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Laviv for Acne. This is a new treatment

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The efficacy of Laviv seems to have not been well established. I would consider more proven techniques. I would consider subcision or some other treatment for your deeper tisses like a multilayered approach and then some co2 laser resurfacing.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

LaViv autologous fibroblasts for acne scars

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LaViv is the trade name developed by Fibrocell.  It consists of your own fibroblasts which have been cultured from a biopsy sample of your own skin.  The current FDA indication is correction of naso-labial fold wrinkles.  Our institute has performed studies of acne scars using the patient's own fibroblasts.  These studies have been submitted to the FDA.

We have seen improvement of moderate to severe acne scars in these studies.  In summary, LaViv can help with acne scars.  By now there should be some dermatologists offering this treatment in Northern California.  It takes 3 months to grow the cells so you need to plan treatment well in advance.

Robert A. Weiss, MD
Baltimore Dermatologic Surgeon
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You could see some improvement in your acne scars with Laviv. This would not be the best acne scar treatment available.

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You could see some improvement in your acne scars with Laviv.  This would not be the best acne scar treatment available.  The best results in treating acne scar requires a combination of treatments.  In my office we routinely see 75 to 100 percent improvement in acne scars using a combination of extensive Subcision, and Fraxel Repair Laser.  Scars that are depressed following the laser treatment are filled.  This is where Laviv could be used.  I prefer Prelane or Juvederm Ultra Plus as my fillers. 

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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