I've Had a Growth on my Forehead. Is It a Keloid or Something Else? Treatment? Help!

I am 29 years old and I have a round, hard, shiny, dark almost berry colored growth on my forehead that at times is very itchy and sometimes stings or hurts! It has gotten larger over the years andhas become very hard and stiff, I can almost feel it looming over my eyebrow. It is embarassing! I visited a dermatologist a while back and they said it wasn't a keloid but something very similar. I cannot think of the name. Do you have any idea what this Dr. was talking about?

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Cyst on Forehead

From the pictures, it appears that you have a cyst which would require surgical excision.  However, without examining you in person, it is impossible to make a diagnosis.  I would suggest making an appointment withyour local plastic surgeon.


Good Luck.

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Skin tumor

This could be dermatofibroma or neurofibroma. It is less likely that it is a cyst or keloid. All of these require some form of excision. Your main concern should be how it is removed and the resulting wound closed so the eyebrow is not elevated into an abnormal position.

After removal the tissue should be examined by a pathologist to find out what it is. 

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Bump over eyebrow

Hard to say for sure just from the photo but this may be a small benign intra-dermal cyst.   Cysts like this are very common and easily cured with a small excision performed under local anesthesia.

If this is a small scar tumor it may be worth tryng surgical excision, but be prepared: true keloids have a high incidence of recurrence.

Daniel Greenwald, MD
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