Gender Re-assignment Surgery, Is this Normally Performed by a PS or a Specialist?

Is gender re-assignment surgery performed by a regular plastic surgeon or does it require a specialist. If so are there any specialists in the United States that perform these kinds of surgeries.

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Gender Reassignment Specialists and Choosing the Right Doctor

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There are very limited choices in gender reassignment surgery and the training of those offering these services is quite variable.  There are even fewer practitioners with true plastic and reconstructive surgery training that offer these services.  A true plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a focus and training on these procedures is in my opinion the best match.  This is one of the many reasons that I offer comprehensive care to transgender patients including sexual reassignment surgery facial feminization, breast shaping and augmentation and body work.  Before starting sexual reassignment in my practice I discussed options and experiences with my resected colleagues across the globe and operated with several plastic surgeons with different perspectives.  After these experiences I took the best of what I learned from each and incorporated it into my practice to optimize safety, aesthetics and function.  There are many different ways of performing the surgery and I think the most important parts are #1 preserving the sensitive glans portion with the entire neurovascular pedicle intact and keeping the entire penile shaft skin innervated and viable- this ensures orgasm potential and maximal patient satisfaction #2 appropriate formation of the neoclitoris #3 preservation of entire urethral mucosa for both external aesthetics and internal moisture #4 creating a pouch with maximal functional depth #5 the technique of labia minor and majora formation.  No two surgeons perform these procedures exactly the same and believe it or not in the early days of reassignment it was common to remove and discard the majority of the glans (head of the penis).  Make sure that you understand what is going to be done, what strategies your doctor has to ensure optimal function and aesthetic form and your doctors commitment to transgender care.  Many practices offer piecemeal care and in my opinion this type of doctor hopping to practices unaware and uncommitted to transgender care can result in unnecessary revisions and undesirable results.  I hope this helps!
All the best,
Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Transgender specialist

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There are transgender surgery specialists who are board certified plastic surgeons.  You need to use the internet to find them.

Gender reassignment surgery

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Gender reassignement surgery requires close monitoring by a psychiatrist before pursing it.  Usually a plastic surgeon then will perform breast surgery( removal or enhancement)/  The genitalia surgery requires special training but is usually done by a plastic surgeon with or without a urologist.

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