Other treatments for acne when Accutane failed?

Hello, I'm an acne sufferer, young male, aged of 18. I've got acne since several years (i would say it began at the age of 13) and i think that i tried many treatments, but to no avail. Quite surprising, Accutane did help atleast with the back, which was way more affected than other areas. The relapse did come though for the face and chest, 2-3 months after the end. I'm thinking about returning back to it but i still get dry lips, dry face skin, despite moisturizing, and dry eyes quite often.

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Alternative treatments for acne

I have become a fan of using lasers for acne treatment. The 1064 and 532 lasers have shown effectiveness in acne treatment. Both the QS and long pulsed 1064 are good. Also, I have used the gold toning handpiece for the Spectra laser with much success as well. Also, micro amounts of Botox or Dysport are effective too. Infini treatments can be used for controlling acne as well.

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