Is it okay for me to use tanning beds to treat my depression?

I am very depressed living in a cold environment. I am depressed BECAUSE I am pale, so when I tan, my depression seems to just melt away, I swear! I've only used tanning beds like 10-15 times. I stopped because of the risk. I'm just wondering, is it okay for my to use tanning beds (but cover my face and neck because I don't want scars there if moles ever have to be cut out) and then just closely monitor my moles forever and go to a derma if there is even the slightest change?

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Tanning beds are never good

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No, let me be perfectly clear, it is never OK to use tanning beds. They are not the wavelengths recommended for depression. See your family doctor to discuss options to help you with this. You may benefit from certain lights that can help reduce SAD(seasonal affective disorder). Good luck.

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