For More Than 10 Yrs Suffering Exessive Amount of Blackheads in T Zone Now Spreading, Nothing Works?

Really deep large oily blackheads everywhere, no cleanser works , no scrubs work, skin damage and premature ageing from acne cleansers and dry flaky skin aswell, I'm female and I'm 27, had this problem since 16, people think I don't wash, I wash at least 3 times a day and I'm in shower washing for 45 minutes each time, I suffer from OCD and wash too much and I bleach home everyday so how can I look so bad, it's really bad and people comment , I have at least 1000 blackhead on my nose alone, help

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Treatments for Excessive Comedones in the T Zone Area

There are many ways to combat blackheads including topicals such as RetinA, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Beyond that, there are several office-based treatments which more aggressively diminish pores and clean out blackheads. Two such treatments are the SilkPeel and Isolaz. However, individuals prone to making excessive blackheads will find that they have to work a lot harder to keep the blackheads away. Click on the link below to learn more about SilkPeel and Isolaz.

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Open comedones

Your frustration is understood. I'd suggest a clarisonic brush, use of a clarifying cleanser ( with salicylic acid), and a prescription retinoid used at night.

a clarifying facial in a true medical spa will give you a jump start 


Be gentler on your skin!

John DeSpain, MD
Columbia Dermatologist
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