Fat Transfer for Hands

The tops of my hands bruise from just the slightest bump. Sometimes, I don't even realize that I have bumped my hand. The bruises sometimes even look like a blood blister. I heard that this could be caused by lack of fat between my skin and I guess veins. I want to know if fat transfer might be an option, and if so the approximate cost and lasting effects.

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Fat transfer to the hands

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Fat grafting is an extremely effective and powerful technique to recontour the body and hands. It can definitely be used to recontour the hands and hide some of the underlying structures that become more apparent as we age. Keep in mind that after such procedure, you should experience a prolonged period of swelling and bruising. If you're interested in this procedure, it is best to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience in fat grafting, hand surgery, and tendon surgery. Such a specialist who has a deep understanding of the superficial and deeper structures of the hand will be best qualified to help you meet goals

Bruising can be an issue in the hands

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The thinness of the skin can be an issue, but most commonly, especially in those areas the easy bruising is often a result of chronic sun damage, specifically ultraviolet A rays that are more deeply penetrating than the sunscreen-blocked UV-B rays. A vitamin K cream may help. There are several over-the-counter and some dispensed in physician offices, such as Auriderm.

These creams may help the bruises go away more quickly. Fat injections won’t change the susceptibility for the small superficial veins to bruise as the fat is injected at a level below them. It may however stimulate collagen production which can strengthen the dermis and improve the bruising that way.

Fat grafts can be long lasting, but they are not guaranteed and some don’t “take” at all! Lumps and bumps could occur and bruising from the procedure is a possibility. The cost depends on the technique and physician. Some doctors harvest the fat with each treatment and others store it in a freezer to reuse it for the subsequent treatments. Some doctors may do the fat injections more frequently than others. One treatment may not be enough and some patients do have several.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fat Transfer to Hands

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Fat transfer to hands is an excellent procedure to rejuvenate older looking hands.  It is long term and lasting in this area.  Fillers can be used in this area, but there are drawbacks to using filler.  Fat is best for hand rejuvenation and gives long lasting results.  Your face should match your hands and this is a great procedure.  I highly recommend this for everyone.  I perform this under local anesthesia and minimal downtime.

Walton Montegut, MD
Newport Beach Physician
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Hands respond well to fat transfer

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Fat transfer to the hands is very well tolerated, and gives a much more youthful appearance. I agree that bruising is probably related more to the fragility of the skin and capillaries, than the loss of the protective fat. 

Combinng this transfer with an Alexandrite laser treatment (which easily fades brown age spots) - can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of the  hands

Christopher J. Peers, MD
South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

Consider a hematology work up for easy bruising

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If you are not currently taking 'blood thinning' medications like Plavix, aspirin, coumadin, Lovenox etc, then consider seeing a hematologist for an evaluation of your easy bruising. Fat transfer to the back of your hands would certainly result in significant bruising and would not be a solution to your issue.

Consult a hematologist to evaluate your easy bruising

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The most common cause of easy bruising is improper coagulation of the blood or excess capillary fragility caused by other factors. i urge you to see your primary care physician and ask for a hematology evaluation.

Fat grafting or filler injections in the hands are typically used to plump the skin for cosmetic reasons.

I do not believe that fat grafting would lessen your bruising and I would be reluctant to do this procedure on you because of your tendancy to bruise easily. Scarring from the procedure could possible make your tendency to bruise worse.

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