What does FACS stand for?

What does FACS stand for?

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What does FACS mean

FACS is the acronym for Fellow, American College of Surgeons. It is membership in a very prestigious organization, which requires surgeons be board-certified by one of the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) surgical boards in the field which you practice (not just in general surgery, my two partners are board certified in plastic surgery alone and FACS), be an ethical surgeon, be nominated by local peers stating that you are in good standing in the community , operate only at accredited facilities, and undergo interviews with current fellows. Since you have to apply for it, and it costs money every year to maintain, not all surgeons who are eligible have applied and become FACS. But if they have it, at least it assures you that your surgeon is board-certified in a real ABMS board. 

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FACS is an abbreviation for a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. This is a very prestigious honor only bestowed upon surgeons after completing stringent residency requirements.

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What does FACS stand for?

FACS stands for Fellow of the American College of Surgery.  It is a society that you can join if you are a board certified general surgeon.

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