Face Appears Lopsided After Cosmetic Procedures

The right side of my face is so different than the left. My surgeon who recently did 3 interventions on me said there wasn't anything that could be done. I'm hoping for other opinions.

The pictures I've posted were taken 2 weeks after surgery. However, they still haven't improved a lot from immediate post-op. I had my cheekbone broken on the right side a few years ago, but I didn't know until I had surgery and they saw this. So it healed over. Could this have changed the looks on that side of my face? It's almost as if it's maybe starting to age and sag, whereas the left side isn't. Can my face still be fixed? Please help!

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Minor asymmetry is normal...not always possible to overcome

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tough to tell from the picture what is wrong. perhaps in person could recommend something, but minor asymmetry is often best left alone. don't want a big surgery and still end up with another (albeit different) asymmetry or, worse yet, a surgical complication.

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