Will an Eyebrow Lift Work for my Strange Eyebrows and Wrinkle? (photo)

I had an acne flair up about 8 months ago which left a strange scar on my forehead, right in my horizontal forehead crease. This has enhanced the crease's indentation in that area, and is causing me a lot of grief. I was considering getting Botox; however, when my eyebrows are relaxed, I naturally have a bit of drooping in my eyelids. My eyebrows are also naturally slightly uneven. Would an eyebrow lift be advisable for me? How would that affect my horizontal forehead wrinkle? I'm 24 years old.

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Forehead Wrinkle

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A Brow lift would not be necessary for the sake of diminishing forehead lines, unless you desire your brows to be lifted. You would need a Botox or Dysport injection specifically for your forehead line, which would target the frontalis muscles located about 1.5 inches higher. This would be an effective treatment for you. On another note, your scar appears to be pitted, thus a better (and permanent) option for you might be to have the scar excised. This would be followed up with laser therapy to smooth out the healing and forehead skin, which would also help diminish the appearance of the crease. A third option for you would be to use a filler like Restylane or Belotero to smooth out the wrinkle and also fill the scar. These fillers can typically last up to 9 months. This video shows how Belotero can be used on forehead wrinkles instead of muscle paralysers like Botox or Dysport

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