Excision of Pitedt Scars on Side of Nose?

I have two pitted scars on the side of my nose. They are the result of teenage acne, and are several years old. The larger one is located on the right alar lobule (where it meets the right lateral wall). The smaller one is located close to the distal end (about 1.5 cms above the soft triangle). Can they be excised? I understand a new scar will result from the surgical procedure, which I don't mind if it can be fitted into the nasal crease. Thanks for advice.

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Scar revision for pitted scars on the face

Pitted scars are treated in my clinic.  I use a combination of TCA Cross, percutaneous scar relase, and scar excision for these scars. 

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Acne scar excision

Thank you for the question. Unfortunately without photos and more importantly in person examination it will be difficult to answer your question. Generally speaking, scars along crease lines on the face heal well and may be better than acne scars.

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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