Enlarged Pore After Pimple?

I had a pimple on my upper lip about one month ago that was not very large. I applied a sulfur acne treatment and the pimple became quite pussy and after a steam, while i was in the shower the pimple popped on its own. A scab formed that lasted for a few days and when the scab finally fell off, it revealed a small raised area of skin and what seemed to be a small hole/large pore above it. I wonder what I should do to treat this large pore, and I also noticed a hair growing from the same spot.

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Large pores and scarring

You need to be examined by a Facial Plastic Surgeon to come up with the best options.  If indeed it is a large pore or small scar left behind by an infection, fractionated CO2 laser works well for this.


Good luck!

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