Acne and antibiotics.

Iam a 20 yrs old girl, i have had moderte ( as my derma said) forehead acne with one or two on my chin around my period mostly small white heads and thats since i was 16 or something , i only went to a derma this year she prescribed me an antibiotic 100 called tabocine with bioderma sebuim global cream and gentazone cream , this course worked like i wanted it to but after i finished the dose which was 60 tablets the acne came back, now she prescribed me another antibiotic i dont know what to do?

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I encourage you to revisit with your dermatologist.  With traditional acne treatments, one should expect about 50% better at 2 months.  I try to see my patients at 2 months to determine if the treatment is meeting expectations, if not then the treatment may need altered.  Stay skintastic.  

Fort Smith Dermatologist
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I am so sorry to hear your acne came back. You should try a different antibiotic such as minocycline, tetracycline, and doxycycline to control the growth of bacteria in the skin and in the sebaceous glands.

Michele S. Green, MD
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