Drooping Skin over Smile Line, Anyway to Fix This? (photo)

I am 28 years old and have lost about 40lbs over the past couple of years. My face had no shape left, so at the beginning of the month I went and recieved 1 syringe of radiesse in my smile lines. This did absolutely nothing for my drooping cheeks, so I went back and my dr. did facial contouring with 2 more syringes of radiesse. While I can see a small difference, I still have a this bulge at the corner of my mouth that I didn't always have. Is there any way I can fix this???

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Use other fillers to hide

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First of all, congratulations on loosing over 40 lbs! Not an easy thing to do.  When we loose weight, we often loose fat that fills the face. This often can be recreated by different fillers. Radiesse is great for the cheeks and nasolabial folds.  Often, we need several syringes to see a result. If there is a lot of hallowing, 3-4 syringes are often needed.  it is hard to tell by the pictures what was done at the left nasolabial fold.  it looks to me like it can be camouflaged with other fillers being injected around it to make it appear smoother.  I like to use Juvederm in this instance.  it is just a matter of filling in the valleys to create a smoother look.  

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Drooping over smile line

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There are a couple of possibilities here and a feel would be better than a look but photos do help.  It is less likely for there to be radiuses there as it would not normally be injected that way. May be a draping of lax skin that wash not addressed. If it is radiuses then it will need to dissolve unless someone can milk some out through a small opening. I would rather wait. If this is draping then using something like sculptra, which will give you back volume to upper face, might help as would more radiesse if injected well. Problem with more radiesse, in this case, s is that it will take a lot to add back a lot of volume.

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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Radiesse nodule

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It sounds like that lump is likely a nodule of Radiesse.  There is no good way to dissolve it.  Rest assured, it will eventually resolve itself, but with a long standing product like Radiesse, it can take a year or more.  Radiesse is only meant to be injected into deeper tissue because of the firmness and slow resolution time.  I would recommend massage of the area.  Occasionally your doctor may have some success breaking it up with an injection of sterile water and massage.  If a firm and very bothersome nodule did persist, an incision and extraction from the inside of the mouth can sometimes be done but I would leave that option as a last resort.  I hope this information helps! 

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