Low Dose Accutane for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

I am 43 yrs old. I started getting mild acne breakouts in my mid 30s, and developed enlarged oil glands on the sides of my chin. About two years ago, I developed another cluster of enlarged glands in the middle of my chin. I had electrodessication and they did shrink, but they’ve started coming back. I use Finacea and Ziana, and this keeps me mostly clear of everything but the sebaceous hyperplasia. My skin is also very oily. Would low-dose isotretinoin be a good option for me?

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Accutane for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

This is a pretty severe treatment for Sebaceous Hyperplasia. In addition with having to use the I Pledge program it may be difficult to continue it for very long. My favorite treatment is to use PDT. We paint the patient with Levulan and let you sit for 20 minutes. then we use the Omnilux machine with the Red light attachment and let you have the 20 minute light treatment.Not only does this help the Sebaceous Hyperplasia but it is also rejuvenating for your skin. It rejuvenates your entire facial area being treated so we tend to treat the entire face..We call it the Red Peel in my office because we use the Red Light (LED). The patient may have a little redness, scaling and swelling for a few days. The hardest part for the patient is they must stay indoors for 24 hours after the treatment because it is photosensitizing. Another added benefit is it also helps get rid of actinic keratosis if the patient has any and decreases your facial oil.

Sometimes we may need to repeat 1 more time but we have great patient satisfaction with this method.

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Accutane for Sebaceous Hyperplasia

I have successfully treated sebaceous hyperplasia with low dose Accutane.  The dose should be adjusted based on clinical response and on monthly laboratory results.  I would also treat about 1-2 months post clearing with that same dose 

Jay S. Gottlieb, DO
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